Rab siltarp 2 review

MSR thru hiker 100 wing view AT backcountry.
It also owns Lowe Alpine.
However, depending on your preferred tarp reduction garage configuration, you may find a rectangular tarp to be more suitable.Oct 3, 2016 at 1:21 pm #3429141, integral Designs was taken over by Rab, or Rabs parent company.Next on the list was a new shelter.When this extraordinary water repellency is c pour nous c cadeau inscription combined with taut, steep rigging, the tarp acts like its waterproof, just as an umbrella made of fabric that is technically not waterproof provides excellent rain protection.Web browser based cookies allow us to customize our site for you, save items in your cart, and provide you with a great experience when shopping CampSaver.The fabric uses a silicone impregnation that causes water to bead and roll off.Established in 1986 Trekitt is family owned and run.
The material has a slight stretch to it, which is kind of nice.
That tiny little shelter makes the world of difference when you get to camp.
When you start getting a tarp that heavy, you may as well be looking at a tent instead!The further the better.Lets face it, lugging around a heavy tent and all its trappings can literally be a pain in the back for any hiker!Part of that may be because I am in Colorado, wich is usually pretty dry, but, a tarp does give you options for tons of ventilation.Please note, we are not able to accept returns for underwear unless the product is faulty or damaged.Cons, difficult to make repairs/modifications, heavier than cuben options, takes practice to pitch.This is one of the reasons I like the full-size hiking poles, those that max up to 140cm.

You will need to get your own guy-line and stakes.
I did a good bit of research on the front end (I am a bit of a gear nerd) and decided an 8x10 sil-nylon tarp would be the way.
I had been looking into ultra light tents and hammocking setups.