How do you treat rabies in humans

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Grifols Therapeutics, bayer Biological Products, potency 150 IU/ml, hyperRab Grifols Therapeutics Bayer Biological Products Potency 300 IU/ml kedrab Kedrion Biopharma and Kamada Ltd Potency 150 IU/ml Human rabies vaccines Human Diploid Cell Vaccine (hdcv) Imovax IM (pre- and post-exposure) Sanofi Pasteur Purified Chick Embryo Cell.Were you able to capture or kill the animal after it bit you?Yes, if a cat has rabies, it is possible for it to be transmitted through a scratch.Call your local Animal Control Center or a veterinarian.Dogs are the major carriers of rabies in these countries.
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If you've been bitten by an animal that is known to have rabies, you'll receive a series of shots to prevent the rabies virus from infecting you.
Treatment for people bitten by animals with rabies.
Rabies vaccines are given as injections in your arm.Was it a wild animal or a pet?Even if your pets are vaccinated, keep your pets indoors or on a leash to prevent them from getting bitten by a rabid, wild animal.Procedures for determining whether an animal has rabies vary by situation.3 3, go to the hospital and get the proper shots.Do not approach stray animals.If the hrig was not administered on day 0, it may be administered up to and including day 7 of the PEP regimen.Take your pets to the vet to start the process right away.Question What if it is only a scratch on my pinky toe?Administer the full rabies PEP regimen including hrig.Administer the remaining hrig intramuscularly (IM) at a site distant from the first vaccination site, generally in the quadriceps or deltoids.Learn more about treatment and prevention of animal bites ».Recently, more cases of human rabies have been linked to bats and raccoons.

If the animal that bit you can't be found, it may be safest to assume that the animal has rabies.