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Akbar strives with devotion to save Jodha and failed in the first attempt since Labonis soul overpowered Gul a knowledgeable lady having the capacity to ward off the spirit.
Akbar isnt aware that bon de reduction like a color Jodha didnt share about Labonis spirit because she cannot see any harm to him or his mom Hamida from Labonis soul.So for her happiness, he will become Mayas peace.Maya also does drama that she heard her scream, gagner yeezy boost is she okay.Maya is very happy with Arjun.Will she get that there?Jhanvi is going to take bath.Saanjh asks Arjun to stop her.
Instead give birth to a new life.
She tries to stop Arjun, but he says this is for everyones good and leaves with Maya.
Arjun cooks and takes care of Maya in every way.
Anarkali has developed expectations after Salim breaking news of Jodhas approval.
Arjun asks Maya, she wants peace?Arjun gives no reaction and doesnt stop car either.Update Credit to: Simmy, like 0, dislike.Everyone comes saying what happened.Maya takes advantage of that and says Jhanvi doesnt want her to stay there.She checks the water in bathtub and screams.He goes back to Maya and says she was right that neither he will be able to get rid off hatred, nor accept his love.Its Holi Celebrations in the show.He is again between dark and light.

Lights also go off.
Murad wants to get to the throne and can harm or kill Salim in reaching the goal.